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Chelsea Cara 

I was born in the little town of Harare in Zimbabwe, Africa. I couldn't have picked a wilder place to grow up. Nevertheless, it was an upbringing that made sure that I didn't end up anything close to normal, so I will thank it dearly for that. 

Why do you paint? Well, I have often tried to not paint.  I have lived a thousand lives in many far off places, but somehow, almost as if to feel centered and home, I always end up with a paintbrush in my hand.  My Grandmother was an artist, my mother was an artist, and art has always seemed like part of my design. I have finally settled into my skin, and realized that what I was always searching for was already within me. For so long, painting scared me because there was no formula, but when you paint something you are content with (well as much as an artist can be content), the reward is far greater than solving any equation. 

What do you paint? Clearly, I love Africa and I love the West, so my work is an interplay of these two notions; both places are often just as  romantic, as they are as cruel and harsh.